Print System

I see a balance when I login to the computer. Don’t I still have a free print quota?

You can still print the same number of black and white pages without charge. We have a new print system in the labs. It looks a little different, but offers some improvements.


What changed?
Your print quota is now shown in dollar amounts instead of page counts – so now you can apply your quota to color printing as well as black and white. Mac users now get the same information about their print jobs that Windows users get – so it’s easier to see the size of your job and your remaining print quota. Also, information is displayed in real-time rather than updated nightly.

What stayed the same?
Your black and white print quota – just shown in dollar amounts instead of page counts. The cost of printing -- $0.05 for black and white and $0.20 for color. If you have a credit balance (your quota), the “charge” comes off your credit balance. If you have used all your quota, you can still continue to print – the charge will be added to your university account at the end of the semester.